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Why Use Legal Ease?

In a Word: Efficiency

Before Legal Ease Professional Solutions, if your firm had a voluminous assignment like records reviews, trial preparation or a sudden overflow of work due to an influx of new cases or under-staffing issues, your only choice would be to:

  1. Pay your staff overtime;

  2. Utilize a temp service for an employee who likely lacks the specific skills needed;

  3. Pay a legal staffing agency for an employee who may not work out long term; or

  4. Place an employment ad and go through the arduous process of interviewing candidates in hopes of finding someone skilled, who also may not work out long term.


Now law firms throughout Central Florida have a much better, more cost-effective solution to their work-flow and staffing needs.  It doesn't involve interviewing, benefits packages, IT staff, parking permits or desk assignments.  Work done right the first time, by smart, highly-qualified professionals is as easy as contacting us!

Financially speaking, CHECK THIS OUT! In a 2014 article by the American Bar Association:

“A full-time, salaried paralegal averages $62,700 annually, which breaks down to about $30 per hour. The employer, however, is on the hook for an additional 35 percent in taxes and benefits (paid lunches, overtime, personal leave, overhead, professional dues, and non-productive time) for a total budget expense of about $84,600 per year. On the other hand, a savvy solo or small firm may need only ten hours of paralegal support over the course of each week. Assuming a flat rate of $55 per hour for 52 weeks (520 hours total) for virtual paralegal assistance—without the extra expenses associated with payroll taxes, insurance, benefits, overhead, and other hidden costs—the annual cost to the firm would be just $28,600. This yields a relative savings of about $56,000—almost the cost of the base salary of the full-time employee.”


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Go Team

Over the years, we’ve learned that great service begins and ends with experienced and friendly professionals. We believe that our team is the best in the business, and have complete and total confidence in providing the highest level of skill, precision and plain old common sense.


We have worked in the Tampa Bay area for 15+ years.  We recognized that, year after year, the need for and lack of highly-skilled and qualified Legal Assistants, Paralegals and Trial Assistants hinders firms and attorneys' ability to maintain efficient work flow and provide quality customer service to their clients. Being under-staffed, or having under-qualified staff, negatively affects everyone in the firm.

Legal Ease Professional Solutions is there to ease the burden of heavy workloads and complete tasks and projects of all sizes which allows the firm to function more efficiently.  LegalEase finishes each project on schedule and with the highest level of quality, scrutiny and professionalism. With a focus on personalized service, fair and affordable rates and customer satisfaction, we’re always striving to exceed expectations.

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A Brief List of What We Provide

You can count on LegalEase to not only meet, but exceed all of your expectations. Learn more about what we provide below, and let us know if you’d like more information about a specific service.

Our competitive rates are based on two categories of work: Litigation Support and Paralegal.

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Prepared for Anything

  • eDiscovery (File Conversions, De-Duping,  Keyword- Date-File Type Filtering, OCR, Bates, Redacting, Bookmarking, Coding, Relativity Hosting)

  • Exhibit Boards / Digital Layouts

  • Timelines / Digital Layouts

  • Scanning / Printing / Copying

  • Binders / Folders

  • Indoor & Outdoor Signs/Banners

  • Shipping/Mailing services

  • and much more!


Law Firm


Expert Service

  • Digital File Processing 

  • Motions, Notices, Letters

  • Discovery

  • Social Media Research

  • Summaries / Chronologies

  • Dates-Of-Service Charting

  • Subpoenas & Tracking

  • Bulk E-Filing/E-Service

  • Data Entry + Pre-Bills

  • Exhibits / Notebooks

  • Video Editing

  • PowerPoint presentations

  • Expert Discovery

  • Courtroom Assistance

  • Voir Dire / Juror Research

  • Consulting


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"It was a great experience working with you. You excelled under pressure with a time-sensitive and

voluminous project."

Tampa, FL - November 2020

"My experience working with Cathy has been outstanding, and I appreciate her skill and professionalism."

Tampa, FL - August 2019

"The best in our field; her skills and experience are unmatched."

Tampa, FL - March 2019

"...she was dedicated and, most importantly, very intuitive.  ...she was organized and worked independently. ...her knowledge, experience and demeanor was beneficial to my practice." 

Tampa FL - November 2018


PO Box 173425
Tampa, Florida 33672

tel 813.420.7798

fax 813.315.7761

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